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          Changzhou Friendship Fine Chemicals Ltd. focuses on developing, manufacturing and exporting fine chemicals, pharmaceutical intermediates and agrochemicals.

          All of our products are being exported to Europe, the USA and the Middle East. We are specializing in producing series of organic chlorides, fluorides, bromides, phenylacetonitrile, phenylacetic acid, benzylamine, phenethylamine, propiophenone, azetidine and benzhydryl chloride.

          We are well reputed by virtue of our excellent quality products and first-class service.Strong R&D capabilities, well-equipped manufacturing site and experienced staff in exporting can meet many outsourcing requirements. Please do not hesitate to contact us if any product attracts your interest.
          Equipments Total Number (Volumn)
          Reactors 32 (300000L)
          Distillation still 3 (2000L)
          Steam Boiler 1(1T)
          Rectification Towers 5
          Vacuum drier 1(1000L)
          Drying cupboard 1
          Refrigerating unit 1(50000kcal)
          Refrigeration house 1(20m3)
          Waste-gas absorption Instrument 1
          Centrifugationrs 2